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A brief introduction to hot pressing grouting mold

Feb 06, 2018

Hot press grouting mold, which means that the choice of the appropriate anti-sizing agent (deflocculant) so that the powdery material uniformly suspended in the solution, then transferred to the mud, and then poured into a water-absorbing model (usually gypsum mold) . For this hot-pressure grouting mold will absorb moisture, then the model will be formed into the body according to the method. Such methods are commonly used in the manufacture of more complex shapes, low precision ceramics and architectural ceramics among them.


Because it is based on the porous gypsum mold can absorb the physical properties of water, then it is necessary to pay attention to the ceramic powder dubbed the mobility of the mud, and then injected into the porous mold which (mainly gypsum mold), the moisture in the mold ( Gypsum) after inhalation also formed a uniform thickness of the mud layer, dehydration and drying process, while forming a certain strength of the body, such a way is the hot pressing grouting mold.


Speaking of the characteristics of hot pressing grouting mold, it has a relatively strong applicability, the actual use of the time, do not need complex machinery and equipment, only a simple gypsum mold can be formed; can produce any complex shape Or large-scale thin-walled injection molding; molding technology is easy to grasp, the production cost is relatively low, the structure of the body itself will be more uniform.


However, the hot-pressing grouting mold in the use of time, because of this labor-intensive, many operating procedures, the production efficiency is relatively low, try to choose a professional staff to operate; the same time because of its long production cycle, gypsum Modes occupy a large area of the venue, the election site, it must be to choose enough venues.


Conventional hot-pressing grouting mold in the grouting time, first of all, in fact, we actually have to pay attention to the hot-grouting mold in the single-sided grouting, refers to the mud and the model of contact is only one side, said Single-sided grouting; double-sided grouting, mud and hot-pressing grouting mold and the core face contact both sides of the double-sided absorbent.