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Advantages and process flow of zirconia ceramic mold

Aug 20, 2018

The zirconia ceramic mold has good wear resistance, corrosion resistance and high temperature oxidation resistance, so that it can ensure a long service life in use. Moreover, the finished product obtained by using the cobalt oxide ceramic mold has good flatness and high dimensional precision, and satisfies the requirements of the customer well.


Zirconia ceramic molds can professionally produce ceramic products of different specifications, which can be used in various precision instruments, with strong response, strong production capacity and low dielectric loss. What is the process flow in actual processing? When preparing the powder, it is necessary to add appropriate amounts of additives, binders and other chemicals that are favorable for molding, such as dispersants, defoamers, and lubricants.


Then there is the molding process of the zirconia ceramic mold. The main processes include: extrusion, isostatic pressing, pouring, injection molding, blow molding, hot pressing, hot isostatic pressing. The next step is to make a knot, usually in a vacuum, hydrogen, oxygen or other reducing gas, and finally finish the finishing and packaging.