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Advantages and Temperature Requirements of Rare Earth Magnets Mould

Oct 06, 2017

Rare Earth Magnets Mould in the production process is 3d three-dimensional effect indispensable tool, no magnet die simply can not do three-dimensional effect, so in order to make a good 3d three-dimensional pattern, it must be a good magnet mold to use The

Rare Earth Magnets Mould in the process of production can be effectively in accordance with the requirements of its customers to customize their various patterns of magnet mold such as its 3D three-dimensional effect of the magnet mold, 3d mold, magnetic powder mold, three-dimensional paint mold, three-dimensional paint magnet mold.

Rare Earth Magnets Mould can be processed with its stainless steel and tungsten steel and other materials, the temperature for all the magnetic materials, not at any temperature are magnetic. In general, the magnetic material has a critical temperature Tc. At this temperature, the arrangement of the atomic magnetic moments is chaotic due to the intense thermal motion of the atoms at high temperatures. At this temperature, the atomic magnetic moments are arranged neatly, resulting in spontaneous magnetization, and the object becomes ferromagnetic.


People effectively use the Rare Earth Magnets Mould above the characteristics of the effective development of a lot of control components, such as our daily use of the rice cooker to use the magnetic material Curie point characteristics. In the middle of the bottom of the rice cooker installed a magnet and a Curie point of 105 degrees of magnetic materials. When the water in the pot is dry, the temperature of the food will rise from 100 degrees. When the temperature reaches about 105 degrees, the magnetic force of the magnetic material sucked by the magnet disappears and the magnet loses its suction, and the spring between the magnet and the magnetic material separates them and drives the power switch off Open and stop heating.

The Curie temperature of the Rare Earth Magnets Mould mainly refers to the temperature at which the material can change between the ferromagnet and the paramagnetic. Below the Curie temperature when the material becomes ferromagnetic, this time and material-related magnetic field is difficult to change. When the temperature is higher than the Curie temperature, the material becomes a paramagnetic magnet, the magnetic field of the magnet is easy to change with the surrounding magnetic field. At this time the magnetic susceptibility is about 10 negative 6th power.

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