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An effective means to improve the durability of stamping dies

Oct 15, 2018

Stamping die is an indispensable process equipment in the stamping production process, which plays a decisive role in improving product quality, extending product life and improving production efficiency. However, since the stamping die loses the working size due to frequent wear during the production process, it is difficult to meet the production requirements. Therefore, it is critical to improve the durability of the stamping die.


In order to improve the durability of stamping dies, firstly, the design of stamping dies should be improved. On the one hand, effective measures should be taken to deal with the unfavorable conditions in product forming. For example, the design of small hole stamping dies should make the small punches shorten their length as much as possible to increase the strength. At the same time, the guide sleeve method should also be used to strengthen the small punch for protection.


On the other hand, factors such as the form of the formwork, the fixing method and the guiding form of the convex and concave mold, the determination of the pressure center, and the rigidity of the upper and lower stencils should be fully considered. Especially for the punching die, the selection of the gap value has a great influence on the durability.


The second is to correctly select the stamping die material. Different stamping die materials have different strength, toughness and wear resistance. Under certain conditions, the use of advanced materials can improve the durability several times. Therefore, in order to improve the durability of the stamping die, it is necessary to select a good material.


In addition, reasonable forging and heat treatment of stamping die parts is also an effective way to improve its durability. For example, when quenching, if the production is overheated during heating, the workpiece will not be too brittle, and it will easily cause deformation and cracking during cooling, which will reduce the durability. Therefore, in the manufacture of stamping dies, it is necessary to have a reasonable grasp of the heat treatment process.


In addition, it is necessary to arrange the stamping die manufacturing process and ensure the machining accuracy; correctly select the press and rationally use and maintain the stamping die. In this way, not only can the service life of the stamping die be increased, the production cost of the mold enterprise can be reduced, and the quality of the produced product can be guaranteed.