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Analysis of hot tip runner system in Hot Runner Plastic Injection Mold

Apr 28, 2018

The hot tip hot runner system in the Hot Runner Plastic Injection Mold is based on the combination of an HOTTIP insert located at the front of the nozzle and the cooling system to precisely adjust the plastic forming temperature at the gate. control. It is precisely because of this that the material and shape design of the hot-tip hot runner system nozzle insert HOTTIP in this Hot Runner Plastic Injection Mold is very important.


HOT TIP Hot Runner Systems in Hot Runner Plastic Injection Mold can be used to process most crystalline and non-crystalline plastics such as PP, PE, PS, LCP, PA, PET, PBT, PEEK, POM, PEI, PMMA, ABSPVC, PC, PSU, TPU, etc. In general, hot tip gates are used for the processing of small and medium-sized parts, especially for the processing of small parts.


Most of the gate diameter of this system is between 0.5mm-2.0mm. The determination of the gate cross-section diameter is mainly determined by the weight of the part and the wall thickness, and of course, the quality requirements of the material and the part must also be considered. If a gate with a smaller cross-sectional diameter is used, the gate closes quickly after the injection mold filling phase is completed, the trace of the gate on the part is small, and the surface of the part is good in appearance and quality.


Hot runner hot runner system in Hot Runner Plastic Injection Mold When used, if the gate diameter is too small, the shear rate will be too high when the plastic flows through the gate, which will seriously damage the plastic melt molecules. Additive materials in the chain structure or plastics, resulting in unqualified product quality can not meet the requirements. The processing of easy-flow plastic takes a smaller value, and processing of difficult-to-flow plastic or shear-sensitive plastic takes a larger value.