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Antenna mold production requirements and the use of advantages

Sep 23, 2017

Antenna mold in the process of making its main processing material is stainless steel, the appearance of its products require no distortion and no burrs, antenna mold in the design, it does not affect the performance of the antenna as much as possible in the case of its shape simple , Which can reduce the cost of its mold, reduce its processing time, effectively extending the life of its mold.

Antenna mold in the process of making its small shape and thin thickness, in the use of the need for proper control of its distortion and rebound, focusing on control of the height of the pin and the position of the melt column hole, the main parts of the higher hardness, toughness , Important parts (punch mouth, edge, small punch, etc.) can not be burned, the strength is enough to mosaic or replacement.


Antenna mold is an entity to monitor the shell, when used in the upper and lower shell, which placed electronic circuits and other components, the material for the ABS, shrunk to take 5 ‰, the production of about 5000 or so.

Antenna mold requirements in place, the upper and lower shell can be smooth and interlocking, and the outer surface requirements of smooth, smooth, no flash, spray marks and other defective product internal structure is complex, and the product requires the outer surface smooth, mold to do a second, so the choice of latent Test gate.

Antenna mold surface without complex structure, as a plane to facilitate the placement; the inner surface of a number of ribs and other structures, products are upside down, plastic parts for the typical shell structure. Its main parting surface position should be in the plane.

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