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Anti quenching and quench heat performance and die structure of ceramic heat sink die

Dec 28, 2017

Ceramic heat sink mold in the production process is mainly the use of its gypsum production, such products can be effectively divided into high-strength gypsum and ordinary gypsum, the former mainly used in the machine when used in the production of pressure, mainly because of the machine pressure A certain amount of pressure, so gypsum mold must be able to play a certain impact.

Ceramic heat sink mold in use there will be many advantages, such as its corrosion resistance, high temperature, moisture, abrasion, high hardness, good insulation, easy to clean, small deformation, high strength, stain resistance and other advantages, with a certain Anti-cold heat performance.

Electronic ceramic heat sink mold

In the production of powder molding, it will be effective according to its different amount of products, the pressing density will be different, in general, most of the small products are solid small disc, the production process will be used in 20 stations Rotary press more, mold structure: the mold, the next die, die;

At the time of production, pay attention to the gap, if the gap is not suitable will cause stratification, missing corners. Large ring of electronic ceramics will be selected nine-position rotary press to suppress the mold structure: the mold, the next die, mandrel, die, in the production of time, pay attention to mold contour and with the gap.

Ceramic heat sink mold parts will be deformed during the cooling stage. In this condition, it is necessary to change the shape of the molding die to adapt to the geometric deviation of plastic parts. For example, as far as possible plastic wall straight, but its reference center has deviated 10mm, you can raise the mold base to adjust the deformation of the amount of contraction.