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Application advantages and application scope of ceramic dry powder pressing mold

Jul 11, 2018

Ceramic dry powder pressing mold has obvious advantages in molding processing. On the one hand, it can improve production efficiency and reduce labor cost; on the other hand, ceramic dry pressing mold has low scrap rate and short production cycle, and the product has high density and high strength. Suitable for large-scale industrial production.


In actual processing, different methods can be used. At present, in the ceramic dry powder pressing mold forming process, it mainly includes one-way pressurization, two-way pressurization (two-way simultaneous pressurization, two-way separate pressurization), four-way pressurization, and the like. The improved dry press molding has vibration pressing and magnetic field pressing (for metal powder) and the like.


In the operation process, the powder is mainly subjected to a certain pretreatment, and then loaded into a ceramic dry pressing mold, and the powder is made into a dense body by a press or a special dry press molding machine under a certain pressure and pressing manner. Ceramic dry powder pressing molds are widely used in the field of ceramic production. At present, the products manufactured by dry pressing mainly include ceramic tiles, wear-resistant porcelain-lined ceramic sheets and sealing rings.