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Application advantages of ceramic powder mold

Jun 25, 2018

At present, ceramic powder pressing dies are mainly used in automatic molding methods to reduce the labor intensity of workers, reduce energy consumption, and improve product qualification rate. And the ceramic powder mold uses carbide materials to ensure a long service life.


In actual production, there are some ceramic products with complex shapes, a large number of product production, the use of traditional production techniques such as hot die casting, complex processes, high energy consumption, and low product qualification rates. The ceramic powder pressure mold adopts a new design concept, using hard alloy materials or special heat-treated steel materials, and professionally designs and manufactures special molding molds according to the drawings of ceramic products, the compression ratio of the ceramic powder materials used, and the parameters of dry-press molding equipment.


In addition, when using this ceramic powder press mold, labor pressure is greatly reduced. At the same time, the process flow is reduced, energy consumption is reduced, and product qualification rate is improved. Moreover, due to the strict selection of the ceramic powder press die and the excellent manufacturing process, it can ensure that the die has a long service life.