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Application and Development of Powder Metallurgy Mold

Jul 02, 2018

With the further development and expansion of the market, the powder metallurgy mold industry has also ushered in a new round of development opportunities, while the relevant technology level has also been improved and improved. At present, the scope of application of gear molds are roughly the following three aspects: plastic gear molds, powder metallurgy gear molds, and precision forging bevel gear molds.


Among them, the market demand for powder metallurgy gear molds is increasing. And whether it is calculated by weight or by the number of parts, the proportion of powder metallurgy gear in automobiles and motorcycles is far greater than that of powder metallurgy parts in other fields. At the same time, it can be seen from the increase in the proportion of automobiles and motorcycles in the entire powder metallurgy parts that powder metallurgy gears are rapidly developing in the entire powder metallurgy parts.


In this way, the concentration of the entire industry has also been significantly improved. It can even be said that the driving of the automotive industry is an important support for the development of powder metallurgy gear molds. According to the analysis of the current market development situation, the industry has accumulated a certain foundation in the market, and the general trend of the rapid development of powder metallurgy gear will also bring greater market space to the gear mold.


By comparison, the use of powder metallurgy processes will enable the unique properties not obtainable by other conventional fusion casting methods, such as chemical composition and physical properties. Relying on the meshing of the teeth to transmit the torque of the wheel-shaped mechanical parts-gears, the powder metallurgy parts produced by the powder metallurgy gear molds are called powder metallurgy gears. Powder metallurgy gear production, materials and heat treatment have a great influence on its carrying capacity, size and weight.


Under normal circumstances, the main components of the powder metallurgy mold include the upper punch, the lower punch, the core rod and the middle mold. Powder metallurgy gear forming trilogy filling, pressing, stripping. Powder metallurgy gear molding is first filled with powder in the mold cavity of the powder metallurgy gear mold, and then punched into the middle mold to compress the powder into green embryos. Finally, it is flushed and reset, the middle mold is moved down, and the raw embryo is taken out of the mold cavity.