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Assembly characteristics and requirements of tungsten steel dry pressing die

Apr 20, 2019

Tungsten steel dry pressing dies are produced in one piece. Some parts that make up the mold body are independently processed in the manufacturing process according to the dimensions and tolerances marked by the drawings. These parts are generally directly into the assembly; some parts are in the manufacturing process. Only some of the dimensions can be added according to the dimensions of the drawings, and the relevant dimensions need to be coordinated.


In addition, it needs to be prepared or combined before entering the assembly, and some need to be coordinated through the preparation during the assembly process. The dimensions marked on the drawings are for reference only. therefore. Tungsten steel dry pressing mold assembly is suitable for centralized assembly, and the assembly process is often used to adjust the assembly method to ensure assembly accuracy. Therefore, it is possible to realize component parts with low precision, achieve high assembly precision, and reduce the processing requirements of parts.


During the assembly process of tungsten steel dry pressing mold, the accuracy of the mold base should meet the standard. The closing height of the mold should meet the requirements of the drawings. For the assembled die, the upper die should slide smoothly and reliably along the guide column. The gap between the convex and concave molds should meet the requirements specified in the drawings and be evenly distributed. The working stroke of the punch or die conforms to the technical conditions. The relative position of the positioning and retaining device should meet the drawing requirements.