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Bearing capacity and molding process of powder metallurgy gear mold

Jun 22, 2019

Powder metallurgy gear molds mainly use chemical composition and physical properties during the production process. We rely on the meshing of the teeth to transmit the torque of the wheel-shaped mechanical parts - gears, the production of the resulting powder metallurgy parts, we call it powder metallurgy gear. Powder metallurgy gear production, materials and heat treatment have great influence on its bearing capacity, size and weight. Let us first understand the mold combination and molding process of powder metallurgy gears.

The powder metallurgy gear mold combination is generally composed of upper punch, lower punch, mandrel and middle mold, powder metallurgy gear mold forming trilogy filling, pressing and demoulding. The powder metallurgy gear mold first fills the powder in the cavity, then punches into the middle mold to press the powder into the raw embryo, the upper punch is reset, the middle mold is moved down, and the raw embryo is released from the cavity.

Powder metallurgy gear molds are powder metallurgy parts commonly used in various automobile engines. They are powder metallurgy parts that can meet the dimensional accuracy requirements through one forming and finishing process without other post-processing processes. Among the powder metallurgy parts of various structures, it is a typical product that can reflect the characteristics of powder metallurgy.www.yxhgmould.com