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Brief introduction of different Ceramic heat sink mold

Oct 25, 2017

First of all, when it comes to the ceramic mold parts of the ceramic, in some electrical equipment inside, it is to a large extent, it will need to wear and insulation of the place, and we actually have to pay attention to Its amount will be relatively large, this time, on its very large degree will choose to use structural ceramics, but for the molding of this structural parts of the mold, we will call it is a ceramic Structural parts mold.


Then, when it comes to Ceramic heat sink mold which is the electronic ceramic mold, to a large extent it will be used in the formation of ceramic capacitors and varistors and ceramic heaters on the product mold. Then, when it comes to its ceramic mold in terms of the case, in fact, most of the case is for the wood mold, the shape is not very complex, to its extent in terms of speaking, on its own will be suitable for mass production On the life and decoration used on the ceramic mold.

Moreover, when it comes to the analysis of Ceramic heat sink mold structure, for its structural parts of the ceramic, its powder molding, there is its hardness is relatively high, and, for the mold, in terms of its degree It will be divided into the mold, the next mold and die, and that is, there will be some perforated products that is the need for mandrel.


Finally, in order to improve the Ceramic heat sink mold in the service life and the consistency of its products, die and mandrel work site is to pay attention should be to try to choose tungsten steel, for the upper and lower mold shape simple production yield Of the products can also be selected tungsten steel.


If the Ceramic heat sink mold in the shape is too complicated, especially for the Ceramic heat sink mold on the face of the more complex when it is in the selection of the time should be to try to use the mold steel, on this aspect, It is in a very large extent, that is, we can facilitate the processing of the workpiece.

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