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Brief introduction of Welding pad mold

Oct 31, 2017

[Overview] Speaking of Welding pad mold, in fact, is the car pad mold repair which is a more commonly used means. Before welding, first of all, in fact, we should pay attention to first grasp the model of the welding die steel, with mechanical processing or grinding to eliminate its surface defects, welding surface must be clean and baking Dry.

For the Welding pad mold, in terms of its use of the electrode is to pay attention to should be consistent with the composition of the mold steel, in order to its extent, in fact, it is necessary to pay attention to keep clean and after baking Dry.

On the mold and the electrode with the preheating (preheating temperature of 45090), until the surface and the material after the heart of the same temperature, in the protection of gas is to pay attention to welding repair. When it is in the welding, when the temperature is lower than 260 ℃, in fact, it is necessary to pay attention to be to be re-heating. In addition, after the completion of the welding, when the mold cooled to the hand can be touched, it is necessary to pay attention to be heated to 4750C, according to 25 mm / h for insulation.

Then, we need to do, in fact, it is necessary to pay attention to be to wait until the static air completely cooled down, and then the cavity of the dressing and finishing. On the Welding pad mold after welding will be heated and tempered, in terms of this aspect, it is actually considered a more important part of the welding repair, refers to the elimination of welding stress and when the welding was Heating the quenching of the thin layer below the layer should also be to pay attention to tempering.

Finally, the Welding pad mold production of the specific treatment process, in fact, it should be noted that in the reactor according to the formula into the dimethyl silicone oil, white carbon black and its hexamethyldisilazane, then, in fact, also It is necessary to pay attention to the amount of silicon nitrile will add 20% of the water, so that is the material will be fully kneaded into a uniform paste, then pay attention to the temperature.