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Brief introduction to the characteristics of Powder Metallurgy Dies

Oct 28, 2017

[Overview] for the Powder Metallurgy Dies, in fact, it is also a common chemical composition and mechanical, physical function, and these functions, it is actually the traditional casting method is no way to get. It is precisely because of this, the use of powder metallurgy mold technology in fact can be directly made of porous or semi-fine or full of fine information and finished products.


Powder Metallurgy Die skills in its very large extent, in fact, can limit the alloying of the alloy composition of the extreme, followed by, in fact, we should pay attention to it to a large extent that is able to eliminate the thick or Uneven forging arrangements. In the preparation of high-performance rare earth permanent magnet data or rare earth hydrogen storage data, there is its rare earth luminescence materials and rare earth catalyst, etc. In fact, it will have a better effect.


In addition, the Powder Metallurgy Dies technology, can be prepared amorphous, microcrystalline or quasicrystal, nanocrystalline and ultra-full solid solution and a series of high-performance non-equilibrium data, for these information, it itself will have Better electrical, magnetic and its optical and mechanical functions.


Then, in fact, we should pay attention to it in terms of its own words, to its extent, in fact, it is relatively easy to complete the more types of complex, on this point, it is actually Can fully play the various components of the characteristics of their own materials, that is, on its own performance point of view, in fact, is a low-cost production of high-performance metal and ceramic composite materials skills skills.


Finally, the Powder Metallurgy Dies technology, not only can produce the general melting method can not produce a special structure and function of the information and its finished products, followed by, in fact, we should pay attention to its own terms, in fact, that is Can be completed near the net formation and automated mass production, so that it is in fact it can effectively reduce the production of capital and energy consumption.