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Briefly introduce the main equipment of Ceramic powder pressing mold

Nov 11, 2017

[Overview] The main equipment for Ceramic powder pressing mold is press and press. Speaking of the key to the design of the stamper, that is, we need to consider the green compact in the removal of the pressure or after the release, because the internal stress relaxation, the volume of the green compact will be the phenomenon of elastic expansion occurs in this regard , That is, because of flexibility after effects. Ceramic powder mold design of the three principles also need our attention.


Three principles of Ceramic powder pressing mold design, including the mold size and accuracy of its surface roughness and density uniformity, in terms of its point of view, to a large extent it is able to give full play to the powder metallurgy is not cutting or Less cutting process characteristics. At the same time, it is necessary to pay attention to the reasonable choice of mold materials and die structure and processing requirements.


To a large extent, the press is divided into two types: mechanical press and hydraulic press. Both presses can produce the same product, theoretically speaking, for the ceramic powder they need to suppress almost the same energy, but have their own characteristics.


If the Ceramic powder pressing mold machine mechanical press productivity is relatively high, in terms of this point, in fact, refers to the hydraulic machine 1.5 to 5 times; However, speaking of its shortcomings, in fact, refers to the pressure on it is relatively small, Stroke is short, stamping is not stable enough. Next, we actually have to pay attention to the pressure on the pressure that it will be more difficult, not suitable for suppression of larger and longer products. And the pressure of such hydraulic machine is relatively large, the stroke is relatively long.


Finally, when it comes to such Ceramic powder pressing mold equipment, its performance will be relatively stable, multi-level speed regulation and packing can be achieved, and the cost for such ceramic powder molding equipment is relatively low (About 1/2 ~ 3/4 of the mechanical press), more suitable for the suppression of larger and longer products; However, in terms of such equipment, its shortcomings because of its slower compression rate, productivity Very low

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