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Carbide mold advantages and performance characteristics

Nov 30, 2017

Speaking of the advantages of carbide mold. Carbide has a relatively high hardness and strength, with wear resistance and corrosion resistance, "industrial teeth," said, used in the manufacture of cutting tools, knives and cobalt and wear parts.


Because of these advantages, carbide mold is often used in military, aerospace and mechanical processing, metallurgy and oil drilling, mining tools, and other applications in the field of electronic communications and construction. Along with the development of downstream industries, The demand in the cemented carbide market is constantly increasing.


Speaking of the performance characteristics of carbide mold. The first point of its hardness is relatively high (86 ~ 93HRA, equivalent to 69 ~ 81HRC); its thermosetting performance is better (will reach 900 ~ 1000 ℃, can maintain 60HRC); Moreover, its better resistance Grinding performance. Carbide cutting tools and high-speed steel cutting speed comparison, then 4 to 7 times higher, the tool life will be 5 to 80 times higher.


Manufacturing molds, measuring tools, carbide life expectancy higher than the alloy tool steel 20 to 150 times. Can be about 50HRC cutting hard materials. However, we need to consider the actual application and selection of carbide brittleness itself is large, can not be machined, it is difficult to make the shape of the more complex overall tool, in view of this, often made of different shapes of the blade .