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Carbide mold die of the technical requirements and special process processing

Sep 13, 2017

Carbide mold die in the operation is the steel mold life of ten times or even several times, the product in use when its main advantage is hardness, high strength, corrosion resistance, high temperature and expansion coefficient is small, are generally used tungsten cobalt Carbide. Market standard materials YG3, YG6, YG6X.YG8.YG15 and HU20, HU222, HWN1 and so on.

Carbide mold die effectively using its original carbide material, low pressure sintering and other special processes, the toughness of its products than conventional production is better, the entire product life will be effectively increased 3-5 times, carbide mold die  often : cold heading die, cold die, drawing die, hexagonal mold, spiral die, and so on.

Carbide mold die  has a very high resistance, because the mold in the extrusion process if the same time to accept a great squeeze, bending stress, impact and other messy load, so the material used in the production are through the After heat treatment, it should have high resistance. Therefore, the mold material should have excellent hardenability, so that the mold can be hardened and evenly arranged.

Carbide mold die wear resistance is also very strong, manufacturers produce a large number of qualified extrusion pieces. In general, the hardness and wear resistance of steel is proportional to the conditions. So the mold material not only have enough hardenability, but also a high hardened. In addition to the hardness, the decisive and heat treatment after the matrix arrangement of the thickness, composition, excess and calorie precipitation carbide number, size, type, dispersion and red hardness and so on.

Carbide die in the process of processing has a certain technical, the cold extrusion die manufacturing cycle and the technology is cluttered, the accuracy of the entire product request is high, in use, usually through casting, cutting, heat treatment, grinding Or other finishing, etc., so the technical comparison of outstanding materials, in order to produce a satisfactory product.

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