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Ceramic dry pressing die process

Nov 09, 2017

[Overview] The first Ceramic dry pressing die molding process is dry molding, dry pressing the pressure used in the ceramic powder will be pressed into a certain shape of the body. For its essence, it itself is also under the action of external forces, the powder particles in the ceramic dry-pressed mold which is close to each other, and in itself is also by means of internal friction firmly together , To maintain a certain shape.


In the Ceramic dry pressing die forming process, the main defect among the dry-pressed green bodies is the delamination. In this respect, in fact, it is because of the friction between the internal friction powder and the mold wall This point of speaking, to a certain extent, it will cause the pressure loss on the interior of the body.


In fact, the Ceramic dry pressing die of ceramics is actually more accurate in the size of the blank. In the following, we actually need to pay attention to the fact that it is very simple and convenient for mechanized operation when it is in operation. Dry pressing Among them, the content of water and binder in the green body is less, and the shrinkage on drying and firing is smaller. However, at this point, the main thing is that it will be used to shape the simple shape of the product, and as long as it is smaller than the smaller. Ceramic dry pressing die wear caused by increased production costs is actually due to the lack of dry pressing.


Next, when it comes to isostatic pressing of Ceramic dry pressing die, in this respect, it is in fact the special molding method developed on the basis of conventional dry-pressing. In this regard, in fact, it will use the fluid transfer pressure, from different directions evenly to the elastic mold powder pressure.


Speaking of such Ceramic dry pressing die process is due to the consistency of the internal pressure of the fluid, the powder in all directions under the same pressure, it is also because of this, the ceramic dry-pressing molding process is very large To the extent that it is possible to avoid the difference between the density of the body.