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Ceramic heat sink mold attention and selection in gypsum

Dec 02, 2017

We are in the process of ceramic heat sink mould design of ceramic products in need of effective implements, in accordance with the specific requirements of the ceramic production technology, in the use of ceramic mold production in the future may be the problem of anticipation, and according to the previous experience of making mould specification and modification. This can avoid the problems that may occur in the die production link.

Selection and attention of ceramic heat sink die in gypsum

1., before making the production, we must conscientiously select and purchase gypsum according to the variety of ceramic products. For example, if we want to produce ordinary grouting products, we can buy some ordinary gypsum. If the product is to be produced, it is necessary to buy and use high strength gypsum.

2.. We're pouring gypsum plaster from the original tire, should adopt the method of vacuum mixing, which can avoid the remnants of excessive air bubbles of gypsum slurry, influence of rotary cutting the original tire quality. We in the enclosure to cast water, to use the screen filter, to avoid residual gypsum in the water lumps, affecting the quality of tire type rotary cutting.

During the production process of ceramic cooling fin mold, the gypsum should be cleaned with a clean water source, and the proportion of gypsum and water should be adjusted according to its purpose. The ratio of water to gypsum is 1:1.3, and the ratio of water and gypsum to the injection product is 1:1.4 - 1.6. When we deploy gypsum slurry, we should first pour water into the container according to need, then add gypsum powder to the water according to the proportion, after the gypsum powder is dissolved into the water, then stir it with the tools until the mixing is uniform.http://www.yxhgmould.com/