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Ceramic insulating backing mold construction and processing methods

Jan 06, 2018

Ceramic insulation backing mold in the design process to a certain extent, its size should be larger than its work area, when in use need to select the standard template size, the location of its template locking screw configuration and mold type and template size . One single-use mold most commonly use locking screw configuration in the four corners, the most standard forms can be widely used in work area .


The thickness of the mold of the ceramic insulating gasket mold is absolutely related to the structure of the mold, the type of the press working, the press working force and the like during the selection process. It is difficult to determine the thickness of the mold based on the theoretical calculation during use. Generally speaking, it is determined by experience that the thickness of the template used for the design should be as small as possible, and the height and clamping height of the mold should be standardized to facilitate purchasing and inventory management.


The monolithic formwork of a ceramic insulating liner mold is also referred to as a one-piece construction. The machining shape must be closed, and the monolithic formwork of the product is mainly used for simple structures or less accurate molds , The processing methods to the main cutting. The heat treatment of the template must be applied line cutting or discharge machining and grinding. The occasion of the template size will be two or more pieces of one and use.


Ceramic insulating liner mold tapping method, in the process of using the need to spin the original tire after completion, when in use can be in accordance with the size of the original tire on the bottom of fetal car, and in addition a car on the spin out a bottom . However, this process is more complicated and requires a lot of patience and meticulousness. Because we have to continue to put the original fetus will be screwed on the bottom of the machine to be compared, and sometimes to be repeated over and over several dozen times.