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Ceramic powder mold material, processing, and the relationship between the quality of ceramic products

Mar 07, 2018

In the production of building ceramics, ceramic powder molding mold is an indispensable important production factor, from some perspective analysis, the important performance of ceramic powder molding mold will certainly surpass the ceramic production equipment. Because the equipment to a large extent, will certainly determine the quality of the product, but not to produce high-quality ceramic, to a large extent, must also be based on ceramic powder mold.


In the same equipment under the premise of the quality of the mold with ceramic powder molding will have a direct impact on the results, a good ceramic mold and poor ceramic mold will appear two completely different results. However, from a total quality management point of view, every aspect of production must also have an impact on the quality of the product. In addition to the ceramic powder forming mold, it also includes the stamping of ceramic products.


At present more manufacturers, even with a large number of tons of equipment, but in fact the quality of the general use of domestic ceramic powder molding mold, so often there will be substandard products, increasing the cost. Can be seen, even if the average price of  low quality ceramic mold, but there will be serious drawbacks, not recommended for use, and we need to pay attention to when buying.


If the use of domestic mold steel production of ceramic powder molding mold, pay attention to because of the quality of steel itself, mold steel deformation problems occur to avoid the chance of causing defective products. However, the best situation, should pay attention to should be the use of imported mold steel production of ceramic powder molding mold. Of course, even if the use of imported mold steel production mold, mold processing is also very important.


Many ceramic powder molding mold manufacturers in order to reduce costs, often do not pay attention to the quality, which is wrong, will result in the production of ceramic powder mold precision and foreign products are larger rubber, which will inevitably lead to greater product quality difference. In order to effectively improve the quality of ceramic products, our company stepped up the importance of ceramic powder molding mold.