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Ceramic valve film mold advantages and the main features

Feb 26, 2018

Ceramic valve film mold in the process of using the main is the punch, The mold holes with high wear-resistant carbide replaced, the hardness can reach HRA89 °, the ceramic valve film mold cavity mirror smooth , With the characteristics of non-stick punch, greatly improving the surface quality of the product, the service life of ordinary steel die 5-10 times. For a variety of powder suppression, the use of nano-technology alloy press die, which greatly improve the service life of the die.

Ceramic valve film mold main features

1 die wear surface hardness HRA 90 ~ 92

2. Die use life of traditional metal mold in the 5 to 10 times

3. Die processing accuracy of two or more

4. Mold interchangeability 100%

5. Suitable for ordinary press and high-speed press.

6. Suitable for difficult to suppress the mold loss of large circular products suppression

Ceramic water valve mold use advantages

1. save raw materials Cold extrusion is the use of plastic deformation of metal to make the desired shape of the parts, which can greatly reduce the cutting and improve material utilization. Cold extrusion material utilization can generally reach more than 80%.

2. Improve labor productivity. Cold extrusion process instead of cutting parts manufacturing, can improve productivity several times, even a hundred times.

3. Parts can get the desired surface roughness and dimensional accuracy. Accuracy of parts IT7 ~ IT8 level, the surface roughness of up to R0.2 ~ R0.6. As a result, parts that are cold-extruded are rarely re-cut, simply by grinding at particularly high demands.

4. Improve the mechanical properties of parts. Cold extrusion metal cold work hardening, as well as the formation of a reasonable fiber streamline distribution within the parts, the strength of the parts is much higher than the strength of the raw materials. In addition, a reasonable cold extrusion process can make part of the surface compressive stress and improve fatigue strength. Therefore, some of the original part of the need to heat treatment of cold extrusion process with the heat treatment process can be omitted, and some parts of the original need to use high strength steel, cold extrusion process can be used after the lower strength steel. The company is located in:

5. Machinable complex shape, difficult to cut parts. Such as special-shaped cross-section, complex cavity, internal teeth and invisible surface of the tank and so on.

6. Reduce the cost of parts. As the cold extrusion process has the advantages of saving raw materials, increasing productivity, reducing the amount of cutting parts, materials can be replaced with poor quality materials, etc., thus greatly reducing the cost of parts.