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Characteristics and Methods of Metal Die Powder

Oct 30, 2017

[Overview] When it comes to the characteristics of Metal Die Powder metallurgy, in terms of its own will be fully carried out the use of ore or tailings, Moreover, in fact, will use steelmaking sludge, rolling steel scales and its recycling waste Metal as a raw material, in terms of this point, for the Metal Die Powder metallurgy technology is actually an effective material recycling and comprehensive utilization of new technologies.


Metal Die Powder metallurgy preparation method, the first aspect, in fact, we should pay attention to should be to produce powder. For the production process of the powder, it is, to a large extent, it will include the preparation of powder or powder mixing and other related steps. In order to improve the powder formability and plasticity in general, it will be added to oil, rubber or paraffin and other plasticizers.

Then, when it comes to the preparation of metal mold powder metallurgy, on the second aspect, we actually have to pay attention to be to be pressed to shape. On the powder itself will be under the pressure of 15-600MPa under pressure into the shape we need.


Moreover, when it comes to the preparation of metal mold powder metallurgy, that is, should be noted that should be sintering. In a high-temperature furnace for protecting the atmosphere or in a vacuum furnace. And in terms of sintering itself, we actually have to pay attention to it itself is different from the metal melting, sintering at least there will be an element is still in a solid state. Sintering, the powder particles through the diffusion, recrystallization and its welding, chemical, dissolved and a series of physical and chemical processes, that is, will become a certain porosity of a metallurgical products.


Finally, the preparation of Metal Die Powder metallurgy is to pay attention to post-processing. In general, for sintered parts can be used directly. But for some of the requirements of high precision will have a relatively high hardness and wear resistance of the parts in terms of words, in fact, it is necessary to pay attention to the sintering should be processed.