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Characteristics of Large Injection Molds and Design Skills of Handle Injection Molds

May 10, 2018

Large injection molds have the following features:

Large injection mold size: length>=1500mm; width>=600mm; weight:>=8T; injection molding machine>=1400T; and typical forms of large injection molds include two plate molds + hot runners. With regard to the structural characteristics of large-scale injection molds, it is also necessary to pay attention to the inconvenience of disassembly and assembly, and the high maintenance cost; large-scale injection molds should be designed with more safety, reliability, ease of assembly, and ease of maintenance.


The bumper mold in large-scale injection molds actually divides BP into two parts, mainly from the viewpoint of material saving and processing technology. Due to the use of two-plate mold structures, fixed mold slides cannot be used; for product structures such as dashboard outlets, currently Can only use the cylinder core pull and cylinder oblique lock. In the actual production process of this structure, there will be failures of pulling the core without action or seizing. In addition, the processing cost is also high, and the parting line is also difficult to avoid; the product design is designed to use the bumper type to avoid risks.


The use of large-scale injection molds should also pay attention to the need to use fixed mold slides or fixed mold inclined top, can be used in the fixed part of the hydraulic or spring-driven push-out push plate, can keep out of sync with the mold open; commonly used Hot runner system; For the injection molded parts with appearance or strength requirements, the sequential valve is used to control the injection molding process; the structural form is also pre-assembled with integral and split type.


Handle-type injection molds experience design skills:


There are more household appliances in the category of handles, and more common ones include kettles, coffee makers, electric irons, and so on. Both use Huff's row on both sides of the bag, and the injection molds mean two lines. The positioning of the bit surface and the positioning of the tiger's mouth effectively reduce the clamping line clamp; on the line itself, it is necessary to pay attention to the inclination of the Z-axis direction to insert the front mold, and the front mold and the line position cooperate well.


Handle type injection mold in the Huff and bit practice, should pay attention to this two-line position to do tiger mouth positioning, the two sides of this line will also pay attention to do 1-2 degrees of inclination; row position made with an extended base The structure; from the rear of the row to do the guide column; In order to facilitate the processing, this handle type injection mold ribs should pay attention to make R8-10 rounded.