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Characteristics of Zirconia Ceramic Mold

May 17, 2017

       Aluminum oxide ceramic mold is formulated through high sintering and other technology with aluminium oxide as the main ingredient, which is not strange to personnel that can contact aluminum oxide ceramics in various industries; as one of mature new type of ceramic, it has wide application in spinning and porcelain industry, electric appliance industry, electron, semiconductor, chemical-industry type, industry and art ware, and the features of the aluminum oxide ceramics mold will be demonstrated in detail below.


Hot pressing Grouting mold

     1. Melting point

     2. High strength and high tenacity.

     3. Low specific heat capacity and heat conductivity.

     4. High bending strength.

     5. High abrasive resistance and low friction coefficient; abrasive resistance is 15 times of that for        aluminum oxide ceramics, and friction coefficient is only 1/2 of that for aluminum oxide ceramics;

after abrasive machining, higher smoothness for the surface can be realized. It is made in mirror plane type with extreme smoothness and small friction coefficient.

     6. Good insulativity, strong corrosion resistance, without static electricity, high thermostability and outstanding heat-insulating property.

    7. Self-lubrication can solve the pollution and feeding inconvenience caused by lubrication media.


Hot pressing Grouting mold

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