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Classification and Application of Machining Error of Carbide powder metallurgy mold

Oct 20, 2017

Powder metallurgy mold is a major category in the mold, which includes a lot of different products, carbide powder metallurgy mold is derived from the material point of view. In the practical application process, many of the workpieces are made with this mold, although there may be some error, but as long as no more than the provisions, while meeting the accuracy requirements.

Carbide powder metallurgy mold processing process will produce the error is due to the use of an approximate shape of the movement or the contour of the edge of the processing to produce; this approximation of the processing method will bring the processing principle error, but often Can simplify the machine structure or tool shape, or can improve production efficiency, and can meet the required processing accuracy.

In other words, as long as the carbide alloy metallurgy mold processing error control within the specified range, it is still able to produce meet the accuracy requirements of the workpiece, making carbide powder metallurgy mold in the production of a wide range of applications. 

Carbide powder metallurgy mold also belong to a very important alloy products, it will be applied in many places, and because of the material because of its own also has a very good hardness and wear resistance. But even so, when we use the cemented carbide powder metallurgy mold, also need to be more important. 

For example, in the use of cemented carbide powder metallurgy mold, the first need to read the relevant information in detail, to do the relevant operation to master the skilled, so as to avoid an emergency situation at a loss. Followed by the normal operation of the machine in the process of equipment to do the monitoring of the work, if the failure to early detection and removal.

In the operation of carbide powder metallurgy mold, but also pay attention to safety, requiring staff to wear uniforms and work caps to prevent the occurrence of accidents. For the equipment, it is necessary to do a good job in inspection and maintenance work in order to extend its service life.

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