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Construction process and precautions for the retirement nursing home floor

May 08, 2019

The construction process of the retirement nursing home floor has concrete treatment, self-leveling construction and pay-off.

 Grassroots treatment of retired nursing home floors

1. After the installation of the wall surface, ceiling, doors and windows, etc., clean the floor debris.

2. Remove sand, oil, and remnants from the surface of the base.

3. Clean up the dust and sand on the ground.

4. After the ground is thoroughly cleaned and cleaned, apply the interface agent evenly.

Self-leveling construction of retired nursing home floor

1. Check whether the cement self-leveling meets the relevant technical standards. If the self-leveling is out of date, it should not be used.

2, the amount of self-leveling into the solution, according to the product description with clean water will be self-leveling dilution.

3. Stir thoroughly until the cement self-levels into a fluid.

4, the order will be self-leveling on the construction floor, scraped with a scraper scraper, thickness of about 2-3mm.

5. No pedestrians or stacking items within 4 hours after self-leveling construction.

Retirement nursing home floor

1. According to the design pattern, the rubber floor specification, the room size, the division, the elastic line positioning.

2. Pop the center cross line or diagonal line on the base layer and pop the mosaic block line.

3. The stripe line should be popped on the wall and the line must be fine and accurate.

4. Before the floor is laid, press the line to dry, pre-spelt and number the board.www.farflor.com