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Design and advantages of integrated ceramic cup mold

May 02, 2019

In the prior art, in the molding of a ceramic cup, the cup body and the cup are generally processed separately, and then the cup and the cup are bonded together by a process, but relatively speaking, the whole Poor sex, prone to cracking between the cup and the cup, the overall integrity between the two is poor. In order to overcome the shortcomings of the prior art, an integrated ceramic cup mold with good processing integrity and stability is provided.


The ceramic cup mold comprises a cylindrical outer mold sleeve and two inner molds that are engaged at the center groove of the outer mold sleeve, and the inner mold is two matched half molds; the mold groove formed in the inner mold is provided with a roll The compact body. The ceramic cup mold is generally ladder-shaped and has a handlebar groove body, and the side of the rolled blank body further includes a handlebar in the position of the handlebar.


An inner and outer transparent observation window is reserved on the surface of the outer mold sleeve of the ceramic cup mold, so as to observe the inner production condition and prevent the occurrence of production failure. A gas pipe is inserted into the outer mold sleeve, and the inner end of the gas pipe is connected to the mold groove, and the gas pipe has a plug body built therein. The role of the trachea is to prevent the formation of air bubbles inside, and to discharge the internal gas before production to ensure the quality of the cup.


Different from the traditional mold making, this one-piece ceramic cup mold can make the cup body and the cup handle integrated, which ensures the overall stability and stability of the cup.