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Design and production requirements of High precision ferrite mold

Sep 29, 2017

High precision ferrite molds are used in the field of magnetic field ferrite core is the most commonly used soft ferrite and permanent ferrite. In the process of forming a permanent magnet ferrite core, magnetic field-oriented molding is usually used in order to improve its magnetic energy product (i.e., the magnetic field strength of the magnetic pole).

High precision ferrite mold in the process of making the use of magnetic field orientation of the molding method is to press the molding at the same time will be applied to a certain direction, vertical or parallel to the direction of the force to shoot strong magnetic field to make the single particles of particles for directional arrangement, That is, the pellets in the powder and molding process to produce a certain degree of free rotation, single domain particles within the molecular magnetic moments along the hexagonal single crystal easy axis direction with the pressed blanks after pressing, the particles can not rotate their own To the opposite sex of the blank is pressed into.

High precision ferrite mold generally press the starting magnetic field is about 20x104A / m, with the compression, the magnetic field will automatically enhance the end of the magnetic field is about 64x104A / m. Sometimes in order to help the particle orientation can also add pulse magnetic field.


High precision ferrite mold in the design process, in the direction of the magnetic field should be used magnetic materials, such as CrWMn, 5 steel, T8A, etc., and in the vertical direction of the magnetic field with non-magnetic materials such as 7Mnl5Gr2Ai3V2WM non-magnetic steel, 1Grl8Ni9Ti stainless steel 185 non-magnetic cemented carbide.

High precision ferrite mold in the process of making the side will be completed side of the powder mold can be finished products, finishing and pressure processing, and thus have the above products for the finishing of the corresponding mold. Such as to improve the product size tolerance and surface roughness of the design of the finishing mold, in order to obtain a specific surface shape and appropriate to improve the density of precision molds, as well as complex die and so on.

High-precision ferrite mold to make the surface layer of the product produced a small amount of plastic deformation under the premise of the obtained. Of course, in the process of finishing products, often accompanied by a slight degree of elastic deformation. But the ferromagnetic mold is only a powder molding mold, because the sintered ferrite core is a black ceramic products, it is impossible to plastic deformation, so there is no finishing and precision molds. The chamfer, groove, mark, etc. of the ferrite core are obtained in the mold forming press. So the design and manufacture of mold use is undoubtedly difficult to improve the use of many.

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