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Design requirements and useful advantages of Ceramic cooling fin mold

Sep 11, 2017

Ceramic cooling fin mold in the process of design needs to pay attention to the matter is more, the molding products are mainly used for cooling, so the mold design is also very important, but many friends to design when not too much attention, may lead to design Out of the heat sink is not very good.

Ceramic cooling fin mold in the process of making the need to effectively increase the thickness of the heat sink than the length of the increase, so that can effectively heat, molding products in the production of copper, aluminum thermal conductivity is high, is the preferred heat dissipation material, while Processing and economic and practical.

Ceramic cooling fin mold processing products must be anodized surface of the anodized, anti-oxidation corrosion, improve radiation, stable cooling effect, the greater the surface area of the better heat dissipation. If the heat sink placed in favor of air circulation, can improve the cooling effect.

The heat sink is a device that radiates the electronic components that are prone to heat in the appliance. In the process of processing, there are many aluminum alloys, brass or bronze made of plate, sheet, sheet and so on. In the CPU central processor to use a considerable heat sink.

Ceramic cooling fin mold processing of the heat sink in the use of electronic components and heat sink surface coated with a layer of thermal grease, so that the heat generated by the components more effectively transmitted to the heat sink, and then distributed to the heat sink around Go in the air.

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