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Design scheme of hot pressing grouting mold used for forming automobile interior parts

Nov 28, 2017

Hot press grouting molds can be used in the production of many workpieces or products, as long as they involve the hot press grouting process. In this case, some hot-press grouting Mold, use it to replace the traditional two-dimensional drawings, the effect is better, get better product quality.


Some automotive interior parts shape, the larger size, shape are free-form surface, it is difficult to describe with the traditional two-dimensional drawings; and the ups and downs of the surface, the gap between the high and low, so the traditional mold design and manufacturing processes Unable to meet the product molding requirements. In order to overcome the above difficulties, or the use of hot-pressing grouting  injection molding process.


According to the characteristics of automotive interior parts products, hot-pressed grouting mold can not be used conventional steel materials, in addition to the mold material required to achieve the basic hardness, but also requires good thermal conductivity, not rusty features. Therefore, we use aluminum alloy as the hot-pressing grouting mold material; and its forming process refers to the drawing process of the metal cover, the mold does not have a fitting parting surface, and leaves an extension surface similar to the pressing ring outside the mold forming part , Used to fix the fabric, at the same time below the molding surface using the water pipe cooling method to speed up the product stereotypes.


In order to be able to create a hot press grouting mold to meet the requirements, the design of the mold is very important, first of all, to get the 3D model of automotive interior parts. If the conditions permit, you can also use the polyurethane material to process a one-to-one cavity model, the physical match with their counterparts to prevent the final impact of local defects.


Considering the particularity of the product molding and the characteristics of the mold material, a corresponding hot-pressed grouting mold structure is designed. Since the skeleton of the interior trim product needs to be heated and softened prior to molding to produce drawing deformation, and then the fabric is bonded with the fabric, So in the molding process to ensure that the product under the effect of a certain tension to remain relatively static. At the same time, considering the possibility of extending the contour of the final product according to the actual loading situation, in the mold design, referring to the metal drawing die practice, the product forming part of the profile according to the original trend of the appropriate extension.


In order to prevent the product from being deformed after the hot press grouting mold is taken out, the mold needs to be rapidly cooled, and the cooling mold is cooled by water. In the design section, the cooling water pipe is laid in the mold. And because of the special requirements of the product material cooling, cooling water pipes need to be arranged evenly, try to keep the same distance from the mold forming surface.