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Details Introduction of dry pressing die

Apr 17, 2018

At present, according to different requirements, dry pressing dies of various standard size materials can be provided. Dry pressing die outer surface materials are made of stainless steel, with good rust resistance. At the same time, the die set, backing plate and core material of the die are made of die steel with quenching hardness (HRC60-62), which has good wear resistance and pressure resistance characteristics.


Usually, stainless steel is used on the outer surface of high-quality dry pressing die products to ensure excellent rust resistance. The die set, backing plate and core material of the die are made of hardened die steel, which has good wear resistance and pressure resistance characteristics, and provides various standard size material pressing dies.


The main features of dry pressing die

In comparison, one of the advantages of the dry pressing die is that it has excellent corrosion resistance, and the other distinct advantage is specific good wear and pressure resistance characteristics, which can ensure a long service life.


The use of dry pressing die Note:

Be careful when using dry pressing dies. Be sure to close the protective cover at the beginning of the pressurization phase. If the press does not have a protective cover, the experimenter must wear a protective cover; Second, the particle size of the pressed powder can not be less than 30um, if the powder particle size is too small, the powder will seep into the gap between the pressure rod and the inner wall of the mold sleeve, This will cause damage to the die mold.


In order to ensure the final quality, it is best to keep the particle size of the ball milled and sieved in the range of 32 to 75 μm, and it is recommended to screen the powder with 200-mesh and 450-mesh screens to take the powder from the middle of 32-75 μm. Then, powder preparation was performed. In addition, please clean the dry pressing die with alcohol before each use. After use, clean the dry pressing mold, apply anti-rust oil, and place it.