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Details of the whole design of dry powder pressing mold

Nov 07, 2017

In general, in the design of dry powder pressing mold, we should adhere to the three basic principles: First, make full use of dry powder to reduce the amount of volatilization, and ensure that the blank can achieve the desired shape and size; Second, should meet the accuracy requirements And surface roughness requirements; third, should ensure that the density distribution in line with production requirements.


In fact, in the actual production work, whether it is in the production of compression mold, or fine mold and other mold products, should comply with these basic principles. The same for dry powder pressing mold, these indicators in the design work also has a very important role.


In general, the material and structure of the selected mold should be made reasonable in the design of the dry powder mold. Only in this way can we meet the higher strength, hardness and stiffness requirements for each part of the mold.

Of course, in order to meet the practical application requirements, we also need to ensure that the use of dry powder pressing mold life and wear resistance. In addition, in fact, the need for mold in the structure, or the interchangeability between the mold processing, but also need to minimize the cost of the entire mold manufacturing process.


Here, presumably we are more curious what dry powder mold design steps is what? In fact, in the design work, should be related to the relevant information in detail to understand and understand, in fact, these content is also an important basis for the design work.


And then we should be combined with the actual application requirements and material requirements and other aspects to select the appropriate design, and select the appropriate way to dry powder mold the entire structure of the sketch design. And finally should be in accordance with the requirements of the size of the rational design and calculation.

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