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Development Trend and Process Requirement of High-precision antenna mold

Sep 25, 2017

In recent years, the development of its national precision instrument industry is relatively fast, and its high-precision antenna moldprocessing in a number of precision instruments used in automotive, machinery, electronic products and mold and other fields, high-precision antenna mold in medical machinery, , Aerospace and other areas of development is more robust.

High-precision antenna mold in the process of processing its technology is more difficult, mainly because of the high precision process requirements, added value with the increase in the processing chain, high profit margins and so on. Multi-station progressive die production requirements have some characteristics: long life, high proportion of high stability, high wear resistance, high strength, high hardness and so on.

High-precision antenna mold in the production we use a high-precision cutting machine, in use, effectively changing the thickness, eliminating the adverse effects, so that products from the workpiece, the standard process, double wire technology and other aspects of comparison, The rough surface of the process, to achieve high precision, high quality, high efficiency precision mold processing efficiency.


High-precision antenna mold is one of the most effective methods of enterprise machining. Compared with the traditional processing technology, the products are mainly used to reduce the number of times of loading and operating procedures of the workpiece, Directional positioning, perfect craftsmanship.

High-precision antenna mold in the process of processing to ensure the precision of its mold processing, and effectively improve the quality of its production and reduce production costs, with a strong oxidation, the mold to have a certain lower deformation resistance, Its temperature range needs to have a certain range.

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