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Dry powder pressed ceramic tube mold release several methods and the use of process

Jan 03, 2018

Dry powder pressed ceramic tube mold in the production process of its original tire from the mold on the many ways, we are in the process of turning the mold, the use of the tire often encounter the phenomenon of its original tire demoulding, in progress The process can be used percussion, hot water, gas blowing and so on.

Dry pressed ceramic tube mold in the process of striking the mold should be effective use of rubber hammer, or hammer directly on the rubber wood hammer, the hammer can be used when the left hand pinch the original tire, used in the use of Grasp the rubber hammer with his right hand gently tap the mold around the original tire, in the process of percussion force must be uniform, and constantly changing the location of the percussion, so knocking the number of the original tire can be separated from the mold .

Dry pressed ceramic tube mold in the process of demoulding its water perm, when we use its rubber hammer after repeated hits still failed to make the original tire has loose signs, you can also use hot water stripping. Because we are in the beginning of turning the mold, the original body of the body has been coated with a lot of soap as a release agent, when the layer of soap in the hot water soak under the smooth release of mold release, the original tire can be off with the mold opened.

We first need to find a container that can hold the original tire and mold, put them in. Then slowly pour the hot water into the container until the surface of the mold has not passed. When the mold and the original tire soak in hot water for about 5 minutes, they can be removed out, after a little cooling can be used to hit the rubber hammer and pinch the original child body shake until it comes out of the mold .

When we use the method of soaking hot water can not make the original tire and the mold detachment, we can also use high-pressure air blowing method to make it out. The specific method is: We use gas muzzle alignment of the carcass and the mold at the seams, gently open the high-pressure gas valve, the high-pressure gas gradually into the gap, so that the carcass and mold detachment. When we are using the air blowing method for demolding, we should be careful not to open the air flow is too large at once, should be slow first, fast first, then low, step by step. To ensure that the strength of the airflow can blow apart the gap between the carcass and the mold, without suddenly blowing one end of the carcass, causing the carcass to break unevenly.