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Dry Powder Pressing Fuse Mold structure design

May 14, 2018

There are more and more applications of Dry Powder Pressing Fuse Molds, and people are paying more and more attention to their research. Moreover, with the gradual deepening of research, people have gradually realized that the use of dry powder pressurization fuse molds can help to further improve economic efficiency, and have a positive impact on its application in the powder metallurgy industry.


In general, there are many factors that affect the life of Dry Powder Pressing Fuse Mold, and the selection of heat treatment process and material are the two main factors. This means that solving these two problems will greatly extend the service life of the mold, which in turn will significantly reduce the production cost. In this way, not only can the powder metallurgy process be fully utilized without the significant advantages of cutting, but also the economic benefits are significantly improved.


At present, when the structural design is carried out, the structural form of the Dry Powder Pressing Fuse Mold can be designed in different forms. Which can be divided into three main types, namely, modular, fixed and fixed combination. Among them, the combined type is mainly used for small-batch metal powder press molding. The filling height of each segment in the die is adjusted by the corresponding punch pad.


The second type of Dry Powder Pressing Fuse Mold is mainly used in the press molding of small-volume metal powder parts on general-purpose presses. The filling height of each segment in the die is mainly caused by the punch on the floating die holder. Head to adjust.


The dry powder compacting fuse die designed and manufactured in the last structural form is currently used as a structural form used for large-volume metal powder press molding on a special press. In order to ensure the reasonable design of the structure, the closed height of the dry powder pressing fuse mold needs to be calculated, and the strength of the force receiving part needs to be checked.