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Dry powder pressing mold can be used to do?

Nov 25, 2017

Dry pressing process by dry powder molding process is actually a metal powder and ceramic powder molding method is to dry powder billets filled into the dry mold cavity pressure mold, and then exert a certain pressure to make it become Dense body.


Because of the high purity powder such as metal powder and ceramic powder are lean material, can not use the traditional process of forming. Therefore, a new process must be replaced, in particular, a certain amount of surfactant is added into the powder to change the surface properties and particle shape of the powder, thus reducing agglomeration effect of ultrafine powder and making it evenly distributed.


Then also add lubricant, in order to reduce the friction between the particles and between particles and  mold surface; in addition to the binder, powder bond strength can be enhanced. After the above pretreatment powder can also be loaded into the dry powder compression mold, and with a special dry pressing machine or dry molding machine to a certain pressure and pressure to make it.


With the cooperation of the dry pressing mold and the special dry pressing machine, it can not only improve the production efficiency of related products, but also reduce the labor, reduce the reject rate, shorten the production cycle, increase the product density and increase the strength. Very suitable for high-volume industrial production.


For now, the ceramic production field is the main industry of dry-pressing molds. Products made from this mold and process include ceramic tiles, wear-resistant porcelain lined sheets and sealing rings. With people's understanding of dry ceramic molds and dry-pressing processes, their application scope will be further expanded.