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Dry powder pressing mold forming effect factors

Jun 29, 2018

The dry powder compacting die is mainly obtained by using metal powder and ceramic powder. In fact, the dry powder blank is filled into the metal mold cavity and subjected to pressure to make it a compact blank. In the molding process, the final forming effect of the dry powder pressing mold is often affected by a number of factors, including the nature of the powder, such as particle size, particle size distribution, shape, and moisture content.


At the same time, during the molding process of the dry powder pressing mold, the characteristics of the additives used and the effects of their use will also have different effects. The good additives can improve the powder's fluidity, packing density and uniformity of distribution, thereby improving the molding properties of the body.


At the same time, during the pressing operation of the dry powder pressing mold, the pressure applied, the pressure mode, and the pressure rate will affect the final result. Under normal circumstances, the greater the pressure the greater the density of the body, the two-way pressure performance is better than one-way pressure, while the pressure rate, pressure holding time, pressure relief speed, etc. have a greater impact on the performance of the body.