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Examples of specific types of ballistic plate mold and macro inspection

Jul 30, 2018

Molds, which are classified according to the gating system, have three types: large nozzle mold, fine nozzle mold and hot runner mold. Among them, the two-plate mold is a simple structure in the large nozzle mold, and the three-plate mold is a simple structure in the nozzle mold. The ballistic plate molds can also be classified according to the gating system, and may vary depending on the specific type.


In the production of the ballistic plate mold, the large-size piece of the bulletproof helmet automatic laminating machine is generally used, and the composition has a linear slide rail and the like. On the mold, there are upper mold, lower mold and driving device, and vacuum is used to suck large pieces through the large suction cup, and the material is warmed and softened by heating device, which does not affect the shrinkage expansion between the sheets. . In addition, the lower mold and the driving device in the mold can ensure uniform spreading, so that the molding work can be smoothly carried out and the working efficiency is improved.


For the macroscopic inspection of the ballistic plate mold, the mold material can be inspected and referenced to relevant standards. In the purpose of inspection, it is to check the internal structure and composition of the mold material, whether there are eight problems of segregation, looseness, inclusion, shrinkage, bubble, white point, crack and folding, so as to check whether the whole mold is defective. problem.