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Excellent performance of cermet hot extrusion die

Sep 26, 2018

The cermet hot extrusion die is also one of the ceramic molds, but it has more advantages than the ordinary ceramic molds, which are characterized by good heat strength and red hardness, mold thermal stability, good wear resistance and high temperature. It does not oxidize, deform, or hang materials during work, and has high precision, good surface quality and high yield.


With the characteristics of this series, cermet hot extrusion die is mainly used for hot extrusion processing of copper, brass, bronze, white copper and other bars, pipes, wires and profiles, and can also be used to extrude titanium and stainless steel. Materials such as aluminum alloys are one of the indispensable tools in the production process of workpieces.


After testing, the room temperature hardness of the cermet hot extrusion die is HRA80-87; in the high temperature environment of 1000 °C, the Vickers hardness HV of the cermet hot extrusion die has exceeded 400, therefore, the cermet hot extrusion die is It is not deformed during use, and the geometry of the die hole is stable. The extruded product has high dimensional accuracy and good surface quality.


Under the same conditions, the roller wear test was carried out to prove that the wear of the cermet hot extrusion die material is only one-sixth of that of the hot work steel die material, which fully confirms how strong the wear resistance of the die is. Its actual service life is certainly longer.


In addition, the friction coefficient of the cermet hot extrusion die is 0.266; the coefficient of linear expansion is 11.62×10-6~12.31×10-6 mm/°C, which can show a good state during use, so that it can be better combined. Press to produce quality products.