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Forming requirements and classification of ceramic mold

Sep 08, 2017

Ceramic mold in the process of making the main powder molding, the hardness of the whole product is relatively high, ceramic mold can be effectively divided into the mold, the mold and die, in the production of some perforated products need mandrel.

Ceramic mold in order to be able to effectively improve the life of its products and product consistency, the die and the mandrel of the working parts as far as possible the choice of tungsten steel, the upper and lower mold shape of the production of large products can also use tungsten steel, if the shape too Complex, especially in the mold of the end of the complex, try to use mold steel, in order to facilitate processing.


Electronic ceramic mold powder molding, in the use will be effective according to their different products and the suppression of density will be different, small products for the majority of solid small discs, the use of 20-station rotary press more, the mold structure : On the mold, the next mold, die; in the production of attention when the gap with attention.

Ceramic mold in the production is mainly based on the production of gypsum, in the use of the effective can be divided into high strength gypsum and ordinary gypsum, the former in the use of machine pressure is mainly used in the production, because the pressure has a certain pressure, so Gypsum mold must be able to play a certain impact.

Ceramic mold in the ordinary gypsum mainly do grouting and printing production, grouting and printing on the gypsum does not require high requirements, structural parts, ceramic mold, some electrical equipment inside, need to wear and insulation of the place and the amount of relatively large Will use structural pieces of ceramics, and the molding of such structural parts of the mold, known as the ceramic structural parts mold.

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