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Functional characteristics of ceramic powder molding die compared to steel film

Sep 04, 2018

The ceramic powder molding die is a punch for the die, and the inner hole of the middle die is replaced by a highly wear-resistant hard alloy. The hardness of the hole is up to HRA89°, and the hole is mirror-clean, and has the characteristics of non-sticking, which greatly improves the surface quality of the product. Its service life is 5-10 times that of ordinary steel die. It is suitable for pressing various powders. The alloy die used in nanotechnology is used to greatly improve the service life of the medium die.


After testing, the ceramic powder molding die wear surface hardness HRA90~92; the service life is 5~10 times of the traditional metal mold; the mold processing precision is above 2; the mold interchangeability is 100%; not only suitable for ordinary presses and High-speed press; also suitable for pressing of round products with large loss of medium mold.


Compared with the steel mold, the ceramic powder forming mold has the characteristics of good thermal conductivity and non-sticking, which can ensure uniform temperature distribution of the mold during work, and will not cause cracks in the mold due to local high temperature, and will not cause cold sweat in the stretched product. Depilation and wrinkling significantly improve the surface quality of the product.


In addition, the ceramic powder molding die does not require heat treatment direct polishing processing compared with the steel mold, thereby reducing the heat treatment cost, shortening the mold processing time, and reducing the number of stretching times and the mold cost when the mold is stretched.