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Hexagonal ceramic die use and the actual structural characteristics

Feb 28, 2018

In addition to hexagonal ceramic die can be used to make ceramic products, the latter will also become a metallurgical casting, but also will be used for the charge molding or building decoration industry, the original aluminum mold economic substitution mold. After testing the formal, hexagonal ceramic die surface hardness or water absorption performance is bound to be particularly good.


Next, we actually have to pay attention to maintain the accuracy of the size, the strength is also good, should not be aging or deformation phenomenon, and in terms of plasticity is also relatively strong, chemical stability is better, the expansion rate also relatively small, surface light, durable and so on, the key should also be long-term preservation, to meet the production needs of different industries in various fields.


Hexagonal ceramic die has a special-shaped ceramic mold, which is mainly composed of an integrated tubular bottomless gypsum mold tube and a matching gypsum mold bottom form. In designing, it is required that the diameter of the upper opening of the inner wall of the ceramic mold cylinder be smaller than the diameter of its lower opening, and the diameter of the bottom of the mold should be equal to or larger than the diameter of the lower opening of the inner wall of the mold cylinder.


After that, it must also be noted that the inner wall of the hexagonal ceramic die tube should be matched with the contour of the product to be formed. In this way, it is also necessary to make the product with the relevant special shape. Because this ceramic mold with no seam of the gypsum cylindrical mold and the upper and lower split mold structure, making the production of shaped ceramic products without vertical mold suture, the degree of regulation is also relatively high, this way, not only can improve production efficiency and mold The utilization, turnover rate, but also can extend the life of the mold.


Finally, we also need to pay attention to it. Whether it is daily use ceramics or arts and crafts ceramics or industrial ceramics, basically it is processed by using hexagonal ceramic molds. At this time, that is, in order to ensure the high quality of products,  That is, pay attention to improve the hexagonal ceramic die finish or durability and precision, so that will get different types of ceramic products can meet the requirements.