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High-precision hot-pressing grouting mold product selection and comparison with other molds

Aug 04, 2018

A high-precision hot-pressing grouting mold, which is one of the molds, and is a mold obtained by high-precision hot-press grouting. Therefore, if you want to be familiar with and understand all kinds of molds, then you can not miss this specific type, and also use the high-precision hot-press grouting mold to correctly and reasonably use it to reflect its use value and get good. The effect of using.


1. High-precision hot-pressing grouting mold purchase

The purchase of high-precision hot-pressing grouting mold is an important task, so it must be taken seriously and not sloppy. Moreover, it has corresponding considerations in the purchase, which are the detailed parameters of the product, origin, quality, real-time quotes and price quotes, manufacturers and after-sales services. Moreover, these are important considerations and must be considered in the purchase work. Otherwise, you cannot purchase the right product.


2. Comparison of high precision hot-pressing grouting mold and grouting combined mold

The grouting combined mold, which is composed of a plurality of gypsum molds, and a slurry forming cavity formed between adjacent gypsum molds, is connected to a separate grouting branch pipe. In addition, guide rails and rollers are provided below the mold. This kind of mold is made by grouting in the process, so three plaster molds can complete the injection molding of two ceramic products.


From the definition and description of the grouting combination mold, there are some similarities between the high-precision hot-press grouting mold and the grouting operation. However, the high-precision hot-press grouting mold has heat. Press this operation. Therefore, they are both identical and different, not exactly the same.


3. What is grouting? Does it contain hot press injection molding?

Grouting molding, its professional explanation is: select the appropriate debonding agent or deflocculating agent, so that the powdery raw material is evenly suspended in the solution to form a slurry, and then poured into a model with water absorption, generally using a plaster model, The model is then formed into a blank. Its main application is in daily and architectural ceramics with more complex shapes.


In the grouting molding, the hot press grouting molding is included, and therefore, a mold type of a high-precision hot press grouting mold has appeared. Moreover, in this type of mold, hot press grouting is the main process, which accelerates the picking speed and shortens the grouting time by hot pressing, and increases the density of the workpiece to avoid problems such as lack of material, so Precision hot-press grouting molds use the hot-press grouting process to bring some benefits.