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High-precision hot-pressing grouting mold shrinkage setting and the role of electroplating

Dec 21, 2017

High-precision hot-pressing grouting mold in the production process of its life is generally determined by the production of materials to determine the use of the general is about 100,000 times the use of the product has a 2-year life, High-precision hot-pressing grouting mold generally can not be refurbished.

High-precision hot-pressing grouting mold shrinkage setting.

High-precision hot-pressing grouting mold shrinkage rate set at the raw material manufacturers and hardness, usually after a molding 2.5 ~ 3%. After secondary vulcanization of 3.2 ~ 4%. The use of hot forming are secondary vulcanization.

Cavity number of high precision hot press grouting mold

Mold area is generally 75 ~ 85% of the machine area is appropriate, while the cavity area of 80% of the mold area is appropriate, the general number of cordless phone cavity is appropriate to 15 to 18. Cavity number too much, forming temperature and pressure distribution Uneven, poor quality control, Cavity number is too small, the cost will increase.

High-precision hot-pressing grouting type of plating.

1. Chrome plating: The surface of chrome plating is harder because of the discharge relation, the thickness of the surface coating is inconsistent, and the construction period is longer, the chrome plating thickness is 0.015mm.

2. Nickel plating: The surface of nickel plating is soft and easily damaged, but the thickness of plating is the same, the thickness of nickel plating is 0.005mm.

High-precision hot pressing grouting mold plating role.

When the batch size is large, the mold surface can be electroplated before mass production, and when the surface is contaminated with low molecular weight substances, the sheet can be cleaned without increasing the shadow quality due to blasting.