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High-precision hot pressing grouting mold surface treatment requirements and the use of advantages

Dec 11, 2017

High-precision hot-pressing grouting mold in the use of its mold steel must have its sufficient hardness, wear resistance, adequate strength and toughness, high-precision hot-pressing grouting mold with good processability, so the general selection of medium-carbon alloy Steel, the state of use, after quenching and tending the use of better.

High-precision hot pressing grouting mold surface treatment

1. Spark pattern through EDM electric erosion in the cavity surface of the formation of different roughness patterns. After discharge the mold surface was misty.

2. High-precision hot-pressing grouting sandblasting type

A. Spray glass sand: Mold surface bright. Not easy to damage the mold, usually 120 mesh.

B. Spray grit: mold surface was foggy, sand pattern, easy to damage the mold, especially the sharp corner of the oblique wall, usually 80 mesh.

C. spray mixed sand: the mold surface was foggy, dull.

3. High-precision hot-pressing grouting mold sandblasting effect.

A. product surface texture requirements.

B. Mold production After a period of time, the surface will stick to a layer of low molecular weight substances, the use of sand blasting to wash it.

4. High-precision hot-pressing grouting mold sand blasting time.

In general, when mass-produced, the master mold will be sandblasted at any time, while the male mold is sprayed with sand at regular intervals to maintain the mold.