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Hot pressing grouting mold Grouting process

Mar 19, 2019

Hot pressing grouting mold Grouting process


The hot pressing grouting mold should be carefully inspected and cleaned before the work is carried out. When the model runs, the mud that has been stained inside and outside the mold and at the buckle of the mother and child must be cleaned. When demoulding, it was found that there was no possibility of demoulding. Before re-grouting, graphite was used to thinly coat the mold with the layer where the blank was not demolded, which was convenient for demoulding.


When the cleaned model is placed on the bracket, first ensure that each support point of the bracket is in a straight line, the model should be placed stably, and there should be no hanging condition to avoid the model from being broken or deformed. When the hot-press grouting mold grouting operation, it is necessary to ensure that more than three people operate at the same time, one person controls the feed valve, one person operates the feed pipe, and one person observes at the grouting pipe. When grouting, pay attention to control the sizing speed, slowly and evenly feed the slurry, and do not open the valve. The case of running slurry leakage should be dealt with immediately.


When the hot pressing grouting mold is reclaimed, one person should lift the slurry tube and the container to make the remaining slurry return to the model smoothly. Another person wants to knead the pulping tube to control the flow of the slurry, and it is not possible to re-slurry too fast. The mold release and blanking work should be light, stable and accurate to prevent damage to the blank.


After the grouting mold is finished, the on-site sanitation should be cleaned, and the cleaned garbage should be dumped at the designated position, so that it can be operated again without impurities. After a step-by-step grouting process, the finished product can reach the qualified rate. easy