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Hot pressing grouting mold manufacturing steps and should meet the basic requirements

Nov 24, 2017

Hot pressing grouting mold manufacturing is a complicated and meticulous work, there must be a superb technology to produce a mold for hot press grouting, the entire manufacturing process can be divided into five steps. And when the hot-pressing grouting mold forming,  make the mold to meet certain requirements.


Hot pressing grouting mold production is the first step ,in the production of prototype, the prototype requires the same size and finished products ,that can be based on the design drawings or samples, if there is a need for physical samples to be copied; the second step is to make the original tire, which is hot Pressing grouting mold model, its size and product of the same , is based on the prototype made after the scale.


Followed by the production of hot-pressed grouting die and tire blanks, the former is the original tire from the system; and the latter includes the bottom mold and mold or core and mold circumference. Finally, in the production of mold work, it is made from the tire rebel for grouting use.


In order to ensure that the mold can be better applied to the grouting process, it is required that the hot-pressing grouting mold should not only have good water absorption before grouting, but also ensure that there is enough pulp feeding speed and shortening the grouting cycle. Sufficient mechanical strength, including bending, tensile, compressive strength, to ensure that the product is not deformed.


In addition, the hot pressing grouting molds  put into usemust be smooth surface, no oil stains and mud thread, easy demoulding, good body quality, can reduce the workload of repairing; and its size , Shape, etc. also meet the requirements to meet the requirements; the other must be durable, as much as possible to reduce the risk of damage.