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Hot pressing grouting mold requirements and processing

Apr 04, 2018

Grouting is a kind of molding method with wide adaptability and high production efficiency. Any shape that is complex or irregular, cannot be molded by other methods, and thin tire products can be produced by grouting. Which need to use hot-press grouting molds. The quality of hot-press grouting mold directly affects the quality of the product and the level of the finished product.


In general, Hot pressing grouting mold should meet the following requirements:

1. The structure is reasonable in design, it is easy to demoulding, the parts and water absorption are uniform, and the shrinkage of the green body can be guaranteed;

2, the porosity and water absorption is moderate, slightly larger than the plastic forming mold;

3. The humidity of the Hot pressing grouting mold should be strictly controlled. Generally, the water absorption rate should be maintained at about 5%. Drying can cause cracking of the green body; over-wetting can prolong the grouting time and even make it difficult to form.


The main process of the Hot pressing grouting mold

1, drying. The purpose of drying is to remove excess moisture from the hot-press grouting mold to facilitate grouting. Under normal circumstances, the mold for grouting should have a maximum moisture content of not more than 19% and a minimum of not less than 4%. And in the normal casting of plaster molds, generally in the daily use after forming, timely clean up the clean seam on the running side of the mud, it will naturally dry in the workshop;

2, clean up. Cleaning is to remove mud, alkali wool, dust and other impurities from the hot-press grouting mold after use;

3, wipe the mold. Wiping is the most critical part of the Hot pressing grouting mold processing process. At the same time, it is also the key to ensure product quality. And for different situations, different methods of rubbing are needed, and the operators can only learn through practice:

4, assembly. Assembling is the last process of Hot pressing grouting mold processing before grouting. The mold parts that need to be assembled together are firmly fixed and plugged tightly to prevent grouting.